Foil Stamping Plate



This is the first step in setting up your foil stamping. Your unique image or logo is created into a foil stamping plate. We turn your unique logo or image into an embossing plate. This is a one time charge, your artwork will be stored for all future orders.


Artwork must be no larger than 60 x 85mm. Please email all artwork to


If you are creating your whole foil printing design yourself, you will need to provide us with this in one of the following file formats:

  • Indesign file, or
  • CorelDraw CDR file, or
  • Adobe Illustrator file, or
  • PDF file saved with text converted to paths, or
  • EPS file, real size, 600 dpi, no fill, outlines only,   

-in addition to this we request that a low resolution JPeg file be sent with any of the above files.


You can also provide your art in one of the below formats but we will need to charge a preparation fee (we trace your artwork and convert it into a format we can use). The cost of this will depend on your artwork and the format it is provided in.  This graphics time is charged at $25 per quarter hour.


If the image is a bitmap we will always need to start from scratch no matter what format it is saved in.

  • Photoshop (All versions up to CS3  plus a low resolution JPEG file
  • TIFF file real size, 600 dpi (PhotoShop and most other photo editing programs allow you to save your file in this format), or
  • your hand drawn diagram/design scanned and emailed or mailed, or
  • written specifications/requirements.


Timing to to create your plate?:  Allow about 2 weeks from approval of foil printing artwork to our dispatching your first order.  This time can be shortened if we know you have a deadline, however if we have to drop everything and just do your machine we have a standard 25% surcharge and can dispatch within a few days.


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